This page lists all the fanfiction that, as personal favorites, I think represent the best of any ship I ever fancied. I compiled everything here mainly because I need them all in one place, but other fans may enjoy reading them as well. Most are lyrically-written oneshots; others are captivating, plot-driven multichapters. Some are recent, but most are several years old. All feature NL/het couples, and none are explicit. Which would probably account for the brevity of the list—while most of the best-written fics I've read have an E rating, I made the conscious decision not to list them here.

The list below is a perpetual work-in-progress; I intend to keep adding to it when I either discover a new fandom or I come across a new fic for an old favorite. Fics arranged alphabetically according to ship, with the series identified after the couple name. If you happen to agree with me that it's a really good (or at least, enjoyable) story, please take the time to drop the author a line saying so. (On that note, most of the authors here have written other stories featuring the same pair. If you like one I recommended, then do check out the writer's profile, linked in their fic pages. Maybe you'll find a story you'd like better.)

All links are guaranteed to work, and open in new windows. For any broken links, please email me.

A: Angst ✶ Ac: Action & adventure ✶ AU: Alternate Universe ✶ D: Drama ✶ F: Fantasy ✶ G: General Romance ✶ H: Humor ✶ V:Vignettes

Eriol/Tomoyo (CCS)

Harry/Hermione (HP)

  • Any HHr fic by Parker Gray—seriously, she's that good (D, G)

Ichigo/Orihime (BLEACH)

  • brimming by urfriendlyneighborhoodpan (G)
  • Call Me Moon by urfriendlyneighborhoodpan (G)
  • The Wolf's Companion by Sesamerolls (AU)
  • ...And like practically every IchiHime fic written by her (AU/G/D)
  • Any IchiHime fic by Alice Hattercandy—and I mean anything. But my faves are probably "Godsend," "Record of a Weather Exposed Skeleton," and "sincerely,". (AU, D, G)
  • Hello Halcyon Days by no-rhyme-no-reason-in-love (G)

Jonny/Jessie (TRAJQ)

Kenshin/Kaoru (RK)

Kurama/Botan (YYH)

Miroku/Sango (IY)

Naruto/Hinata (Naruto)

Ranma/Akane (Ranma 1/2)

Sai/Ino (Naruto)

  • Ink by xiaoyings (D, G)
  • Hands by Devektra (G)

Tony/Pepper (MCU: IM)

Wheeler/Linka (CP)

Yusuke/Keiko (YYH)

Zealot/Grifter (WC)

Bonus. Here are other well-written fics featuring couples that are not my OTPs: