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This is a list of all the updates I've done on this site, for log purposes only.

Jan. 3, 2019

Just a quick note into the new year! Been reading nothing but VLD fanfic since I got into it 6+ months ago, so I got nothing much to rec for this het-only fic site since my OTP for that fandom is Shiro/Keith. xD I however did do a quick link cleanup, so all the fic links on the recs page should be working fine.

Hope everyone’s 2019 will be a blast! ♥

Jun. 11, 2018

Finally got around to adding my IchiHime, Naruhina, and SaiIno fic recs. Oh, and I cleaned up the criteria, fanfic, fic recs (corrected some dead links), and index pages.

Jun. 7, 2018

Decided to make my fic recs section into its own site. Please drop by BOOKMARKED if you’re in the mood to read quality fanfiction!

BOOKMARKED // Multifandom Fic Recs

Multifandom Fic Recs

Layout features an AU writer-Shuuhei fanart (yes, that sexy Seireitei Bulletin editor from Kubo Tite’s BLEACH), which I commissioned from Har-leen.